Bad Weather = No Paint Work

 Weathering the Bad Weather

Well the weather has been pretty cold and wet around here so painting has to be on hold until we get more favorable conditions. That doesn't mean we aren't making progress! Every part of the body has been block sanded, filled and evened out. All the LizardSkin insulation is sprayed and the under carriage is finished.

I know it looks like A LOT of mud, but 75% of that was sanded off to make the surface even and ready for final primer and paint.

I have been dabbling with the chassis and engine. I got the oil cooler installed along with thermostat housing and water pump.

I am probably going to modify that oil cooler pipe to get the hose around the back of the oversized HEI distributor.

I also decided to take a look at the valve chambers on the intake/exhaust side to make sure they were clear before I bolt up the header and the intake. I am SO GLAD I did...

Best I can figure is that a mud wasp found its way in there through the engine bag and tape. I now have to bore scope the combustion chambers to make sure there are no surprises deeper in the engine. One step forward...


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