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Making Progress

The engine is in! Welp I got the engine in. I almost mounted the transmission and transfer case in all the excitement but realized I don't have a clutch assembly. I rolled the axle assemblies under the chassis to try and shrink the footprint from all the loose parts and components. I needed to reclaim some space in my garage! Next up will be the springs and axle assemblies. The goal is to get it on all fours by Christmas. Here's hoping...

Tub's Back!

The Tub is Back from Blasting I FINALLY got around to picking up the tub from media blasting. Sadly, the crummy bed liner didn't cooperate with the process and there's a great deal still requiring removal. My options are manually removing, getting a needle scaler, aircraft paint stripper (AKA cancer), or maybe driving it to Oregon for an acid bath. Whatever I do, it won't be soon. The focus now is on completing the rolling chassis, then I'll turn my attention back to the tub.