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Lots of Mockup!

Build it up, test, tear it down, rinse and repeat a million times! I am in that phase of test-fitting all things I want to fit together, tearing it back down to make adjustments, and then doing it all over again. It is time-consuming but necessary. I got the interior mostly together just to find out that the transfer case linkage designed for a later model FJ40 doesn't play nice with the earlier model transmission tunnel cover. So I had to cut a hole in the freshly painted floor! The seats, column, wheel, and shifters all work well together though. I do have to bend the transmission shifter a bit toward the passenger side so I can get it into reverse without displacing my leg in the seat. The pieces of floorboard removed to clearance the shift linkage I'll be refurbishing my wheel to match the brown vinyl on the seats and have new brown clamshells for the column. I plan to use black marine carpet to cover the floorboards and transmission tunnel and the massive fuel tank will co