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More Progress Working Up to the Build Party

U-bolt Brackets and Shackle Plates In the House! I picked up my u-bolt flip kits and shackle plates from my powder guy today. I had them done in a semi gloss to match the chassis black Valley Hybrids used on the axle housings. I also attempted a repair on the cracked parking brake handle. Before After I used a clear resin so you can still see where I filled in the larger crack. I need to do some touchup on the smaller crack, but overall I am quite happy. I plan to give this Rust-Oleum Rubberized Coating a shot on the handle. The handle is a good practice run for the OE steering wheel as I am thinking about reusing it rather than my aftermarket idea. But it needs a lot of work and I don't really need a 16" wheel now that I have power steering. We'll see. And NO I will not dip the steering wheel into Rust-Oleum! :)