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The Build Phase has Officially Begun!

Chassis Mods are Done! Well with more than a little help from my friend Ryan at Overland Adventure Company, the frame modifications are complete and I just have 12 bolts and four bushings to pull before I can drop this thing off for powder coating. The build phase has officially begun! Ryan does some outstanding fabrication and welding. He was able to salvage the ridiculously poor quality Saginaw power steering "kit" into something usable. My rear shackle mounts are reversed and the front chassis forks are fully boxed.  

Another Milestone Reached... So Many More to Go!

A Little Anticlimactic, I know... Well I know I cheated by showing pics of all of this kit complete while it wa all still with the builder. But it is now all home. Every major component of the build is back in my possession and I could technically start assembly. But, I wanna finish the rot removal from the tub, prep and paint it all before I get started and there are a million little things that need to be done. So I'll keep on going, one bolt at a time...