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Break It Down!

The Dreaded Day Has Arrived... Body work! I loaded up the 40 tub the cage, and all the patch panels and hauled it down to my buddies shop so we could start cutting and welding. Talk about nerve wracking! Up to this point there is nothing that has been done in this project I couldn't undo myself in a pinch. My buddy repairing the passenger side upper cowl. Notice the massive creases below the heater vent? My other friend doing magic with straightening the same cowl.  All that remains of the creases are the hammer marks! Amazing Yikes! The laundry list is pretty big for this phase. Replace both rear quarters. Add a second fuel filler in the back of the panel. Move the wheel openings back about 2.5-inches. Replace the rear sill and sill cover. Patch the outer rocker corner piece on the passenger side. Plug about 100 holes in the fire wall and floor pans. Set a custom switch panel in the dash and add holes for 3.5-inch speakers. Test fit the fuel tanks. Weld the cage and setup the fram