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The Powertrain is OUT!

Well I FINALLY stopped procrastinating. The engine, transmission and transfer case are OUT! I am posting them for sale ASAP to make room for continuing the work. Fortunately, there was only one parts casualty, the transfer case linkage was caught on the way out and snapped. Not the worst thing that could have happened! More to come...

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I Won Me Some BFGs! I opted for a set of 35x12.5 R15 Mud Terrain KM2's. They arrived last week and are now sitting in the corner of my garage waiting for me to get around to mounting them.

Forged Pistons Are Expensive!

Well my engine is still being rebuilt. Apparently the valve train (lifters, springs, valves, etc,) are hard to find. But my guy got em! Anyway, after a lengthy conversation about getting the most bang for my buck, it was agreed that I needed to invest in boosting compression. Stock compression was only rated at 7.8:1 on the 2F. To that end, I ordered some high compression forged pistons rated for 9:1. They weren't cheap, but I think they'll be worth the investment. They are custom made and will take at least six weeks to ship. So the 40 is on-hold until my pocket book recovers and I can get to work prepping the tub for Raptor Liner and the chassis and axle housing for Chassis Black.