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Applying Some Restraints & Turning Some Knobs

 Seat Belt Tabs are in and Custom Knobs are Ongoing The 40 is done with principle fabrication... 18 months, a pandemic, and other grown up things later and the 40 is ready to get final prep and paint done. We welded the seat belt tabs to the roll cage and test fitted them and we got the mounting plate for the center console welded to the seat belt frame. We installed the 37x12.5 Maxxis Creepy Crawlers too. The truck is a hair over 7 feet where the hard top will sit. I used a lathe for the first time and "helped" to create the template for my custom pull knobs for the dash. Seven more to go! I will have them anodized black, and I'll probably texture the top ring of the shifters to match the knobs and have them anodized too. This should tie the dash and shifters together very nicely. Next up: Media blasting the tub (again) as well as all the body panels and doing body work sound/thermal insulation, undercoating with Raptor Liner and in the interior floors and firewall.