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Frame Up!

On Your Mark. Get Set... Wait 😕 A friend stopped by yesterday afternoon to help me get the frame off the trailer and into the garage. I couldn’t resist bolting something, ANYTHING to the fresh frame. I opted to test fit the shock towers. They will come back off so I can get the nuts and bolts zinc coated. I am waiting on my u-bolts, and bolt kits before I can really start assembly and I am certain there are lots of things I missed that will delay me. I discovered that I forgot to chase the OEM shock tower rivets out of the frame, so that will be fun, even more fun that it would have been now that there is powder on the frame. More to come...

Body Off to the Races

Body's Gone Some buddies of mine from the Land Cruiser Club swung by last night to help me get the tub on the trailer and it is off the media blaster today! I am doing this so I can inspect the entire tub and get all the rot out. I am fairly certain the known areas are the only areas, but I don't want any surprises down the road. Here's the known areas...  Outer door rockers on both sides  Rear sill  Rear quarters The frame will come home today too. I got a sneak peak of the work and I am pleased. I know any rot has been blown away by the media blaster and will not spread. The powder will help protect the frame from exposure to water, salt, and other corrosive elements. Sadly one of the worst rot spots are on the rear cross member and quite visible. Fortunately it sits behind light brackets when fully assembled, so it won't be an issue. I test fitted the old Rock Crusher aluminum wheels on the freshly rebuil