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Crawling Along the Resto Trail

Got My Butt In "Gear" I finally got the flywheel and clutch assembly installed! I was gonna install the transmission and transfer case but realized that while I do have a throw-out bearing, I do not have the hub... DELAYED!

Up and Attem!

She's Standing on Her Own! I got the 40 up on all fours this week. She looks glorious! Up Next... Clutch assembly, transmission and transfer case install... then brake lines.

Rollin Along...

At a Snail's Pace Well I made a small amount of progress today... Things are slow going at the moment and I'm a bit discouraged by my spring situation (custom... too short, over arched). Luckily Atlas said they'll fix it for free if I'll bring it to them to work on directly. So I'm continuing the build with plans to tow down to them. It won't be this high (those are 35" M/Ts) once it is all sorted. Right now the bottom of the rear cross member comes up to my waist and I'm 6-feet tall. On to the Front...