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Collecting Parts

Well the 40 has sat in my garage since getting its new plates. The old F engine is tired and gets very hot once it has run a while. Oil pressure is VERY low too once it gets to running temp. Water pump, thermostat, and coolant are all new, so I'm pretty sure there is a problem internally. To that end, I am heading to Texas tomorrow to pick up a 78' FJ40 rolling chassis. I plan to pull the 2F, strip, clean, bore, and rebuild it with 9:1 compression, RV cam, and a few other goodies like EFI. I'll also rebuild the 4-speed and transfer case as well as the axles from the 78. It has a complete Procomp suspension that I MIGHT swap on until I get the 4-link/3-link setup done later this year. This chassis will also get me 50% of the way to 4-wheel disc brakes! I'll be installing EFI from Affordable-Fuel-Injection  with a DUI computer controlled ignition from Performance Distributors Performance headers from Man-a-Fre , a custom exhaust from a local shop here in Re