Collecting Parts

Well the 40 has sat in my garage since getting its new plates. The old F engine is tired and gets very hot once it has run a while. Oil pressure is VERY low too once it gets to running temp. Water pump, thermostat, and coolant are all new, so I'm pretty sure there is a problem internally. To that end, I am heading to Texas tomorrow to pick up a 78' FJ40 rolling chassis. I plan to pull the 2F, strip, clean, bore, and rebuild it with 9:1 compression, RV cam, and a few other goodies like EFI. I'll also rebuild the 4-speed and transfer case as well as the axles from the 78. It has a complete Procomp suspension that I MIGHT swap on until I get the 4-link/3-link setup done later this year.

This chassis will also get me 50% of the way to 4-wheel disc brakes! I'll be installing EFI from Affordable-Fuel-Injection with a DUI computer controlled ignition from Performance Distributors

Performance headers from Man-a-Fre, a custom exhaust from a local shop here in Reno, and a custom cold air intake from either K&N or AirRaid will ensure it is breathing well. I'll also add a champion 4-row radiator, Flex-a-lite Black Magic electric fan to keep it cool.

Finally, I am going to take the opportunity to rewire the entire rig with a Painless Performance 26-circuit waterproof harness and I will media blast the entire vehicle, apply Lizard Skin and Raptor Liner to the engine bay and the interior. Raptor Liner will cover the rest of the vehicle minus the Lizard Skin.

This project will take me well into the summer, and I hope to have it road worthy for the PMC Swap Meet on July 28, 2018 in Petaluma, California, if not the 30th Annual Rubithon  June 19 – 24, 2018, Rubicon Trail, California... But that will be pushing it I think.

More to come!


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