Returning from a Long Break

 Getting Back Into Resto Mode

Life events forced a detour from building for several months, so I put on my working sandals, rolled up my sleeves, and braved the 100+ degree summer temps on Saturday to try and kickstart the project back into full swing. In my naïve early estimates I thought I'd be driving and enjoying my 40 by now... I probably have another year or more to go before that happens.

We got the rear springs flipped the "right" way and the auxiliary fuel tank mounted between the frame rails.

Doing this put the axle/tires right where I want them in the wheel openings... except that really doesn't matter since the springs are all wrong anyway.

We also got the transmission tunnel cut and the shifters installed for mockup purposes.

Next Up...

Finish steering mock up, finish dash, tidy up a couple lose ends on the tub, probably some other things I am not remembering right now.


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