Body Work Round 2


    Made some good progress on the tub today! Got the passenger bedside in but it still needs some more tacks, then I need to sand them down and even the panel out with a hammer and dolly. Ryan and Tai are amazing and did most of the hard work but I got to do lots of prep work, some hammer and dolly work, I patch some unneeded holes on the floor boards. So much more to do... one of those Aquila tubs might have been a better option, but $$$$...$

Once the panel is in place we have to... cut it up. I have to add the second filler neck opening for the auxiliary tank and we will likely be moving both wheel wells back at least two inches. I have a set of spare arches for that purpose. Other things that need to get done is the driver's bed side, rear sill and cover, finish patching unwanted holes, mount the tub to the rolling chassis to measure the wheel opening and get the cage welded up. Then I have to take the tub and the cage for media blasting and powder (on the cage). Then it is filler, primer, liner, seam sealer, and paint time!


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