Tub Off... Tub On... Tub Soon To Be Off Again

I got the tub back on temporarily so I can get the cage welded up and the frame tie-in mount points figured out. At first glance everything looks pretty good...

But the problems become evident up further investigation. These pics confirm that the springs are WAY off the mark! There's no way that is only 4-inches higher than stock...

The distance from the tire to the fender is enormous and while it appears the 2-inch axle push is in place up front, that would change if the springs were "dearched" to push the shackle angle to where they belong.

The rear is supposed to have a 2-inch axle push to the rear, but clearly that isn't what's happening here. This isn't even stock axle location, but rather about 2-inches pushed forward.

For reference, the shackle angle should be about 30 degrees from vertical...

Luckily the shop that made my springs said they'll correct it for free, I just need to get them off the 40 and shipped down to them (on their dime). For now, we will get the cage welded up and send out for powder. Then we will finally get the body work done and hopefully get some paint laid down before the summer is over.


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