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Metal Fab: GO!

I started in on the chassis today. First I had to get the crappy shop tires of the nicer wheels and onto the crappy shop wheels. I dropped the nicer wheels off at my powder coater for some restyling and the shop wheels are back on the axles.

I know what you're thinking... THOSE are the nicer wheels? While these are technically Eagle Alloys  102 Series from 2004, they are identical to Raceline Wheel's 887 Rockcrusher wheels from an earlier era... My teenage years. Nostalgia smells nice! Anyway... I dropped them off at my powder coater and you won't recognize them when next I post about them. These are the shop wheels...

They are old Pro Comp wheels that have certainly seen some use. I will most likely have them refinished as well at some point down the road and maybe have some mud terrains studded for dedicated Snow Wheeling. In the meantime the Rockcrushers will be used for daily and trail use once the build is complete and I have mounted my KM2s I won from BF Goodrich.

I got the shock towers and OEM steering gear box mount off the frame as well as the brake hardlines and fuel lines. The exhaust is almost off. I need to pull the bump stops, rear taillights and some of the steering off the front before I pull it onto the trailer and drop it off at my media blaster. I won't be powder coating the frame. I'll either use POR15 and their topcoat where the sun will shine, or Eastwood's Chassis Black Extreme. I'll definitely be using Eastwoods Internal Chassis system to protect the boxed sections of the frame from corrosion.

Eastwood Chassis Black Extreme

Eastwood Internal Frame Coating

POR 15 Chassis Paint

Here's the frame minus the shock towers and steering tower.

These are the new HD 2" longer shock towers from 4Plus. BIG difference from stock!

I'll finish up the chassis and have it delivered for media blasting the first week of Jan (I hope), then I can start bolding everything up!


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