Well the interior is all but stripped. I need to remove the tailgate and windshield frame and that'll be that.

This is the only rust hole I have found so far on the tub. A typical spot for rust on 40's. Lots of moisture pools under the gas tank in this tray. I'll have to cut it out and weld in a patch panel.

It is difficult to see but if you look closely you will notice a subtle ripple flowing through the bed. It looks like someone used this 40 to haul some heavy gear that was haphazardly dropped into the bed to cause these dents. This one will be a bit harder and more expensive to repair. The entire floor would have to be cut out and a new one welded in. The new floor is around $500 from a popular vendor. I might just leave it as is... Battle scars earned over 50 years of service.

I think I have procrastinated the engine and drive train uninstall long enough. That will probably have to go next. But first, I need to make room again in my garage.

More to come, one bolt at a time.


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