Tires, Pain Pills, and Mechanic's Shops

Things have gotten quiet around here since I began official "tear down" of the 40. Said tear down caused my bad discs to flare up and I've been walking around like an old man with new bifocals ever since! I've still piddle around, mostly moving my parts and pieces around in the sliding puzzle that is my garage.

I found a contest online by 4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine to win a set of BJG tires so I figured I'd enter. Well I found out that I am finalist! Time will tell if I win and a free set of tires would come in awfully handy.

My Contest Entry
Speaking of tires... One of the tires on my F150 got a rather large sliver of metal in it. Not happy, but my spare is in good shape, so I'll get it replaced. Just $200 I'd rather spend on the 40. I also took the Beater Bronco to a local shop to have the headers and exhaust I purchased installed... Three weeks ago today! Dude said he'd probably get it done in a day for less than $600. The bill is now up to $850 plus an extra $280 for parts I shouldn't have needed. Obviously, I will not go back to them after this.

Like I said, I'm still working! I'm almost finished scraping off the 25 year old Herculiner (or whatever) a PO haphazardly sprayed into the interior.

Here's my best effort posing like a automotive model... I'll keep my day job!

So spine permitting, I plan to get the driveshafts out and the engine, transmission, and transfer case out of the there next weekend. Then I'll finish stripping the firewall and the interior in preparation for parting the tub from the chassis. Out to be fun!


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