ididit! The Column Has Arrived!

Well it took close to three months, but ididit finally... didit. 😒 My steering column has arrived!

That GM key is really bugging me! I think that thing's gonna get ground and reshaped to look like a vintage Toyota key. I compared them and only a little material needs to be removed to accomplish the look.

So all my goodies ordered since Jan are here and lining my shelves and workbench. The only thing outstanding is my engine... a minor detail.

For now my time being spent disassembling the rest of the 40. The hard top disassembly is pissing me off! All the fasteners are rusted and stripped, so I'll be cutting, drilling, and grinding to get it all apart. Then I'll have to extract all those threaded shafts at some point. for now I just need the thing out of the way!


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