Engine's Out!

Well the 2F is finally been dropped off at Douglas Machine for rebuild. The old F is still in the 40...

The rebuild will take about a month to complete. I am still waiting on my EFI, wiring harness, and few parts for my power steering. Meanwhile, i need to collect all the little bits for the engine... distributor, header, motor mounts, filters, hoses, alternator, starter, radiator, etc. 

I have an engine stand and my attention is slowly turning toward demo now. I need to get the front sheet metal removed and unbolt the engine and drivetrain to get it out of the Cruiser. I'll then begin work on prepping and painting the engine bay as well as running the new harness.

I will purchase the transmission and transfer case rebuild kits and get those done as well while I wait.

Oh, and I have decided on a color scheme!

The winner is BASF Desert Tan, Brown canvas, with black accents. The hardtop will remain bright white and the tan and black will be carried over int o the engine compartment while adding some red here and there. Painting the rest of the tub will probably happen sooner than expected since I'll already the working on the engine bay. The front of the 40 is the hardest part to paint and I'll already have it disassembled for the engine install

My immediate concern is space. I am trying to build a Cruiser in a small 2-car garage on a single circuit. I need to reorganize and make some space, so spring cleaning has to happen before I start pulling off more parts.

More to come...


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