Let. It. Begin!

Alright, so the 2F is bolted to the hoist and SHOULD be going to the shop later this week for rebuild.

I JUST ordered a complete Saginaw power steering conversion kit and ididit tilt column that should be here in about a month... backordered, bleh!

The motor will take about the same amount of time to complete so I am hopeful that my 40 will be road worthy by my birthday.

What to do while I wait (impatiently) for these items...

I will pull the 4-speed transmission, the 3-speed transfer case and rebuild them, media blast them, and paint them. I'll install the twin-stick conversion on the transfer case and get them mounted back onto the open chassis (I will bolt the rebuilt 2F to them and install all three at once).

I also have a chassis harness to install and two axles that need to be rebuilt, new 455 gears, and lockers installed. I think the axles will have to wait though... Maybe in July.


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